This is a series of non-figurative work using sheets of heroin residue on aluminium foil collected anonymously over a period of time.

The very large piece comprises of many hundreds of sheets of heroin residue foil on two large aluminium supports. It is titled  'Time to buy another roll of Sainsbury's foil', the wording that appears at the end of their rolls of aluminium foil. The heroin and the supermarket can be seen as metaphors for the repetitive, seductive, addictive nature of consumer life.

The series of 12 'FT drawings' are financial lists taken from the Financial Times newspaper written onto sheets of heroin residue foil, reflecting the addictive nature of money and the global money market.   

Similarly metaphorical, the 'Biblical Stories' series comprises of works very loosely based upon various episodes from The Bible, which the heroin residue shapes fortuitously suggest.